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PLayed your game, it starts at 14:22

Interesting game but the ending needs a bit of work. Is the 2nd game in the video!

Fun little game (yours is the first game I played) 

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Visually you've got something here.  It's unique, crazy, creepy, weird.  And I love that.  But it definitely needs some more sound, some kind of end, maybe a story to drive the character.  Things like that would help a lot.

This is the 3rd game in the video


It's very short, but a good start.

The atmosphere you've built up here is great but it definitely needs something more, some kind of threat or feeling of impending doom would have really kicked this up massively. I'm excited to see the other games in the quadrilogy though!!

Cool short game but I wish it was longer. To me it was too short. 

Played your game and... well as I said in the video it lacks something you know, maybe it bugged out for me? cause even the music died... not sure, but anyway, I believe you can make something great out of this with some effort. (it starts at about 5:25)

Played your game in an indie romp. Not entirely sure if I reached the end so if you could let me know :P

your game starts at 10:10

As Usual Gameplay from Z9ZGAMES Channel!!
With All Thanks to the Creator of the Game!!

Nice Job, keep the frights coming!


Very good game, only at the end I didn't know what to do. but still very good :)

btw, here is video

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I really like the atmosphere it gives off but as you've already said yourself a bit rough around the edges still my play through here: